Two poems from Niall Campbell

Two poems from Niall Campbell to start the week right.


Things will go the way they go
and have now gone for you.

What can I give you but that?
And a nudge to the tattooed girl

resplendent at the bar,
the coins that survived the session

and this empty Guinness glass
banded like a soil sample.

Its lines of sediment,
now thick, now thin, now thinner.

A calendar of our ways,
our weather, our damned chance.

Those moments of our flood,
These moments of our drought.

From the Book of the Early Years

Ah, and the dream of unpeeling
the rind of a sweet fruit
in a single motion – and finding
little but that the skin unfurls –
                       like a ribbon
loosening her wrap dress –
all the way to its pursed heart.
These outdoorsman’s epiphanies
like the branch shade and the blush
at the neck and the chest; a pulse
found unknotting in a pinned wrist.

Niall’s from the Western Isles of Scotland, has an M.Litt from St Andrew’s and recently won the Robert Louis Stevenson scholarship. See a Pasternak version by him here

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