Poem from Edward Mackay – because George Davis IS innocent

To mark George Davis’ appeal victory today here’s a poem by the fantastic Edward Mackay inspired by the incredible lengths Davis’ supporters went to clearing his name.


for Peter Chappell

Dotting the I and crossing the T: INNOCENT
dangling by your feet from a bridge, an instant
acrobat, the peaks and troughs of your anger nest

in your regular Ns, an earth in each O, tainted
by that ache for an end that brings the onset
of another world, begun by daubing your insistent

haiku across the yawning bridges. Each succinct
OK marks out another battle site and sets
an east end army marching on their better instinct.

With the ghosts of Cable Street, you thumb your nose at
blackshirts. Beneath your brush, policemen are sent
scuttling, judges retreat from your conviction. The long ascent,

the quiet loss of living after George Davis Is In Again
Your dream in tall white letters, their defiant present tense.

Edward’s also got a poem in The Captain’s Tower, Seren’s celebration of Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday, which also happens to be today.

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