New poems from Malene Engelund and Declan Ryan

Malene and I are reading with Chris Horton on Sunday, here’s a new poem from each of us (one to come from Chris later…)

Malene Engelund

The Loons

What surprised them most? Winter’s
reappearance or the speed at which water freezes?

Light had been returning for months
when at three a.m. we awoke to find ourselves

in the state of winter. You breathed
my hands warm, my body back to life.

That night we slept close as fourteen loons
froze into the lake’s waters.

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Declan Ryan


I wait for you at the tube station.
Because I cannot expect you to turn, ever,
into my drive and spring the lock with your own key.
I watch your wrist’s tilt, the shiver
of the gates as they give. I focus on their closing
behind you, your out-of-darkness glide
into this mirrored hall. As we leave, instead
of your mouth I watch your fingers. Outside
we push past dancers in the clothes of the dead.

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