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Three new songs from Mr Dupret Factory

Mr Dupret Factory is one of my very favourite songwriters, and he happens to have just put three new songs up on the ‘net. Listen now – they’re incredible.

The Venus of Willendorf

Dog Walker

Anthropocene Man

More on his Myspace site here

Song from David Hobbs

I’ve seen David playing a few times now and he’s got something special, in that Richard Thompson/Nick Drake/Jack Rose line. Here’s one of my favourites of his, called Your Name:

and you can hear more on his own Myspace site

Music from The Palace Of Justice

These boys are the business (think Beirut meets Wave Pictures), hoping to have them down to an event soon. Until then here’s their FREE album streamable from Bandcamp and a video for their little smasher Hormones

Visit their Myspace here

Fiona Bevan song

Fiona will be playing some songs at Friday’s Mark Ford: Six Children event, but until then here’s a taster of one of the songs from her latest EP.

Visit Fiona’s site to hear more songs and get hold of her album and EP

Mr Dupret Factory – Clear The Cache

One of the best from Mr Dupret Factory…

Hear more from him here:

Manifesto, courtesy of Hills & co