New poem from Gareth Jones

Here’s a new poem by Gareth Jones, who opens the Days of Roses anthology. It was written for Roddy Lumsden’s 28 Project which took place last night at the Betsey Trotwood.

The Cats

Saturday breakfast. Out on the lawn
the local cats try to murder each other.
The ginger tom turns tail with a howl
chased up the oak by a tabby neighbour.

You look up, concerned, but go back to browsing
your brochure – Cruises on the Indian Ocean –
while I brace myself for the next round of nagging,
my weekend to-do list lying mainly undone.

High in the branches, the tom starts to yowl,
and I wonder if it were me stuck up there
would you dust off the ladder to ferry me down,
or crouch by the thorn bush purring my name?
Then return later on with a milk-laden saucer
if I dig in my claws and cry at the moon?

Gareth Jones:

Mark Ford

Mark Ford Six ChildrenMark Ford’s new collection Six Children is out next month, and there’s a taster from it on The Guardian, here:

We’re putting on a Mark Ford themed event on the 13th of May at The Rugby Tavern in Bloomsbury, featuring Mark alongside Heather Phillipson, Andre Naffis-Sahely, Oli Hazzard, Anna Kirk, Harriet Moore and Fiona Bevan.

More details here:!/event.php?eid=202954243068458

Eley Williams

Eley Williams is a Days of Roses stalwart, and one of her short stories, called Channel Light Vessel Automatic, can be heard here

Can’t vouch for the others on there, my metaphorical camcorder was entirely focused on story #25 at this virtual nativity play.

Manifesto, courtesy of Hills & co